Dear EM’2024 Participants,

I have an honor and privilege to welcome you to the XVIIIth International Conference on Electron Microscopy (EM 2024).

The XVIIIth International Conference on Electron Microscopy is jointly organized by the Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Microscopy Society. The conference is to be held in southern part of Poland in the picturesque Zakopane resort.

The conference will bring together researchers from different fields of science and engineering including materials science, chemistry, physics, life science (biology and medicine), whose focal point is on application of electron microscopy to study of materials and materials related properties. The broad spectrum of topics comprises analytical electron microscopy, imaging in SEM/STEM, crystallography and HRTEM techniques, 3D imaging, in-situ electron microscopy, cryomicroscopy, as well as applications of electron microscopy to study materials spanning from traditional engineering materials to highly advanced functional materials, nanomaterials and biological materials.

The conference also welcomes scientists, engineers and representatives of electron microscopes manufacturers, whose focus is on instrumentational developments to showcase and review the latest technical advances.  It will provide a forum for the exchange of thoughts and ideas, news on the latest trends in the field of electron microscopy as well as to promote cooperation between the participants from science and industry.

Hope to see you in Zakopane!


Joanna Wojewoda-Budka

Director of the Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science

Polish Academy of Sciences

Chairperson of the EM2024 conference

About Conference


The International Conference on Electron Microscopy is a renowned international conference organized under the patronage of the Polish Society of Microscopy (PTMi) every three years by various Polish research centres since 1963. The conference’s broadest thematic scope includes electron microscopy methods and techniques in the study of material properties, ranging from traditional engineering materials to the study of biological materials.

The 18th edition is a platform for exchanging methodological and application experiences for specialists in electron microscopy, crystallography, materials science, solid-state chemistry, physics, medicine, and biology, enabling them to become acquainted with new methods and techniques. The main aim is to review the latest achievements in microscopy across various disciplines.


Sample Preparation Techniques | Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) | Advances in SEM and FIB | Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) | HREM and Novel Techniques | In Situ Microscopy | Electron Diffraction and Crystallography | Electron Backscattering Diffraction | Microscopy for Biology and Medicine | Young Session | Other.

The conference will be accompanied by a specialized research instrumentation and services exhibition.


Invited Speakers

Paria Gharavi

Paria Gharavi

United States of America
Duncan Alexander

Duncan Alexander

Jack Donoghue

Jack Donoghue

United Kingdom
Sebastian Glatt

Sebastian Glatt

Angus Kirkland

Angus Kirkland

United Kingdom
Marek Niewczas

Marek Niewczas

Christian Turquat

Christian Turquat

Janos Labar

Janos Labar

Carol Trager-Cowan

Carol Trager-Cowan

United Kingdom
Aimo Winkelmann

Aimo Winkelmann

Jan Dusza

Jan Dusza


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Deadlines & fees


  • Submission of Abstracts – from 1st December
  • Scholarship application – 15th February
  • Deadline for Abstracts – 1st March
  • Abstracts acceptance – 15th March
  • Early fee registration – until 31 March
  • Regular fee registration – after 1st April
  • Late fee registration – after 15th April
Early fee until March 31

(1 December 2023 – 31 March

Regular fee after April 1st

(1 April 2024 – 15 April 2024)

Late fee after April 15th

(16 April 2024 – 31 May 2024)

EMS MEMBER (single room)

Participant with abstract |Participant without abstract

4000.00 PLN
4200.00 PLN
4400.00 PLN
 EMS MEMBER (double room)

Participant with abstract |Participant without abstract

3400.00 PLN
3600.00 PLN
3800.00 PLN
 EMS NON-MEMBER (single room )

Participant with abstract |Participant without abstract

4200.00 PLN
4400.00 PLN
4600.00 PLN
EMS NON-MEMBER (double room)

Participant with abstract |Participant without abstract

3600.00 PLN
3800.00 PLN
4000.00 PLN
 STUDENT (double room only)

Student with abstract |Student without abstract

3000.00 PLN
3200.00 PLN
3400.00 PLN
 Accompanying person
2600.00 PLN
2800.00 PLN
3000.00 PLN
/Accommodation in the 4**** hotel for a whole conference time/

/Payment for participation in the conference will be made on the basis of the received VAT invoice, where the bank account will be indicated./

Conference registration fees include:

  • Accommodation in the hotel for a whole conference time
  • Access to all Conference Scientific Sessions
  • Book of Abstracts
  • Coffees as in the final program
  • Lunches as in the final program
  • Conference Dinner
  • Social program attendance
  • Conference trip

*Students must upload a proof of their status by registration process.


Scientific Advisory Board

  • Alicja Bachmatiuk, Poland

  • Aleksandra Czyrska-Filemonowicz, Poland

  • Beata Dubiel, Poland

  • Jan Dusza, Slovakia

  • Jan Dutkiewicz, Poland

  • Tomasz Goryczka, Poland

  • Elżbieta Jezierska, Poland

  • Angus Kirkland, United Kingdom

  • Sławomir Kret, Poland

  • Janos Labar, Hungary

  • Kenji Matsuda, Japan

  • Wojciech Maziarz, Poland

  • Jerzy Morgiel, Poland

  • Jaume Pons, Spain

  • Nick Schryvers, Belgium

  • Carol Trager-Cowan, United Kingdom

  • Aimo Winkelmann, Germany

  • Grzegorz Tylko, Poland

  • Ehrenfried Zschech, Germany

Organizing Committee | Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of Polish Academy of Sciences

  • Joanna Wojewoda-Budka | Chair

  • Magdalena Bieda-Niemiec | Vice Chair

  • Paweł Czaja General | Secretary

  • Agnieszka Bigos

  • Marta Janusz-Skuza

  • Łukasz Maj

  • Anna Sypień

  • Maciej Szczerba

Abstract  Submission

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission starts from 1 st December and will be closed on 1 st February. Each participant can submit one abstract for either oral or poster.
By submitting an abstract the submitting author gives permission for the Conference Organizers to reproduce the abstract in all materials associated with the conference. Authors are asked to indicate their preference in terms of oral or poster presentation.

Post conference publication

Participants of the XVIII th International Conference on Electron Microscopy have the opportunity to extend their research into an open access full-length articles published in the Archives of Metallurgy and Materials journal, which has a rich history of publishing papers spanning over 65
years. The on-line submission will be available from June 1 st to September 1 st via https://journals.pan.pl/amm. Don’t miss the chance to share your insights with a wider audience!

Presenter guidelines

  • Duration of invited lecture: [TBA] min
  • Duration of regular oral presentation: [TBA] min
  • Posters format: A0 portrait size
  • Dimensions of the A0 format in mm: 841 x 1 189 mm
  • Dimensions of the A0 format in cm: 84,1 x 118,9 cm
  • Dimensions of the A0 format in inches: 33,11″ x 46,81″
  • Each presentation should be prepared in panoramic 16×9 screen format as .ppt or .pptx files

Videos and images:

  • All videos should be prepared in 1920×1080 px resolution (i.e., 16×9 screen format), preferred file standard is H.264.
  • All graphics should be prepared in 1920x1080px resolution, preferred file format is PNG.

Competition for the best EM’2024 abstracts of PhD students

The Polish Society of Microscopy announces a competition for the best abstract by a PhD student submitted to the EM’2024 conference. The candidate should register as a participant by sending an abstract via the conference website. The condition for participation in the competition is to send the abstract by e-mail to the address of the PSM secretary (maciej.zubko@us.edu.pl) with the note “Ph.D. students awards.” The deadline for submitting works is February 15th, 2024.
The Competition Committee will assess abstracts regarding compliance with the conference theme, scientific quality, innovation, and scientific importance.
In the competition, there are two awards: conference fee waiver.

Competition for the best image

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc strongly invites the participants of the EM’2024 conference to submit the images recorded with the use of electron microscopes in the frame of “Competition for the best image”. Prizes for the winners will be awarded in 3 categories:

  • Scientific image – the Competition Committee will assess images regarding compliance with the conference theme, scientific quality, innovation, and scientific importance.
  • Audience photo – chosen through on line voting by conference participants
  • “Art in science” photo – special prize awarded by the Labsoft company

The photos can be sent in any graphic file format, both in color and/or grayscale via e-mail: photo@em2024.pl with the title “competition” *. The data you submit should also include: institution, e-mail, name and surname, category and short description of the images.
IMPORTANT NOTE: one participant should submit only ONE image for each category. The deadline for submission is May 24th, 2024. The winners will be announced during the Conference Dinner.

*By sending photos, their authors consent to their publication on both the conference and competition websites.


For exchanging methodological and application experiences for specialists in electron microscopy.

General Information


Zakopane is a charming town located in the southern part of Poland, at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. It’s often referred to as the “Winter Capital of Poland” due to its popularity as a winter sports destination. Zakopane is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, with picturesque landscapes. Early June promises mild, sunny weather, inviting outdoor recreation. Be sure to bring sturdy walking boots and clothing suitable for excursions.

One of the most iconic features of Zakopane is its unique architectural style characterized by crafted wooden buildings. In addition to its natural beauty and architecture, Zakopane offers a wide range of activities yearround. During the winter, visitors can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, while the summer months are perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and exploring the rich culture of the local people.The town’s culture is on display through its lively markets, traditional music, and delicious cuisine.

The conference will be held in a luxurious four-star Hotel Belvedere situated next to the Tatra National Park, near one of the most beautiful Tatra valleys. The Zakopane city centre is about a 10-minute walk away.

Social events

Join us for an unforgettable evening of fine dining at Belvedere Hotel’s Gala Dinner. We invite you to experience a night of luxury, sophistication, and delectable cuisine.
Date: 11 June 2024
Time: 20:00-24:00
Dress code: business attire

Join our optional tours during a conference

Discover the enchanting town of Zakopane through the eyes of a knowledgeable local guide on our extraordinary tour. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and hidden gems that make Zakopane a true gem of Poland.

  • Gubałówka – the best panoramic view to the Tatra Mountains
  • Kościeliska Str. – the historic street of Zakopane
  • Meritorious Cemetery – one of the most famous polish necropolies
  • Ski Jumping Area – history of Polish winter sports

Route: Zakopane – Ski Jumping Area – The Old Church – Meritorious Cemetery – Funicular to Mt Gubałówka (round trip) – Krupówki (the famous promenade)
Duration: 3 hrs
Ascent/descent: 100 mDifficulty: easy

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the breathtaking Strążyska Valley, guided by our experienced mountain expert. Immerse yourself in nature’s wonders as you traverse the pristine trails, surrounded by majestic peaks. Our knowledgeable guide will lead you safely through this picturesque landscape, sharing fascinating insights about the flora, fauna, and geological features along the way. Whether you’re an avid hiker seeking a thrilling adventure or a nature enthusiast looking for tranquility, our guided tour of Strążyska Valley promises an unforgettable experience. Book your tour now and discover the hidden treasures of this enchanting mountain paradise.

  •    the best view to the north face of the Sleeping Knight
  • Siklawica – a picturesque waterfall

Route: Zakopane – Strążyska Valley – Tea House – Siklawica Waterfall – Droga Pod Reglami – Ski Jumping Area – Zakopane
Duration: 3 hrs
Ascent/descent: 150m./150m.
Difficulty: easy

Embark on an incredible trekking expedition with a local guide through the awe-inspiring trails of Mt. Nosal in Zakopane. Lace up your hiking boots and prepare to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this majestic mountain. Throughout the trek, I will ensure your safety, offer guidance on navigating the terrain, and share captivating stories about the mountain’s significance in local folklore and culture. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders that surround you as you forge a connection with this magnificent landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a beginner looking for an exciting adventure, I will tailor the experience to your needs and preferences. He will provide insider tips, recommend the best spots for photos, and create an unforgettable trekking journey.

    • fantastic view to the Tatra Mountains and the Zakopane Dell
    • Kuźnice – history of mining and metalurgy in Zakopane

Route: Zakopane – Bulwary Słowackiego – Dam on Bystra River – Nosal – Nosalowa Przełęcz – Kuźnice – Zakopane
Duration: 3-4 hrs
Ascent/descent: 300m./300m.
Difficulty: easy


Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science


Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

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